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Why Bother with Dryer Vent Cleaning in Highland, IN?

Also Serving Crown Point, Dryer, Schererville, and Valparaiso

We take safety and efficiency serious. Thats why we have specialized equipment designed specificly for cleaning dryer vents. Inside walls,crawls, or to the roof, no job is too big or too small.

Keeping your dryer vent clean is important. Did you know? There are approximately one thousand house fires annually that are caused by dryer fires. These fires could have been prevented with proper maintanence, vent cleaning and vacuuming of the interior of the dryer. Plus, your dryer runs more efficiently, meaning your clothes will dry faster, reducing wear and tear on the dryer and increasing the life of components. Hey, that saves you time and money!


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Why clean your vent?

airflow inside dryer

Ok, here is some basic knowledge of  a dryer and how your venting can affect the performance and longevity of it.


Now, I know this pic is of an older dryer but, the airflow inside of all dryers is the same, got it? So, you can see from the pic on the left that the blower is creating a negative air space inside the drum of the dryer by blowing air out of it and down the vent. Doing this causes the air outside the dryer to rush into the cabinet of the dryer through vents in back of the dryer and the numerous unsealed panels that make up a dryer cabinet. Do you follow me? Good! This air is unfiltered and full of dust,hair,lint whatever is floating around in your house. Its the same stuff clogging up your furnace filter every month. As the air rushes in some of this stuff deposits itself onto the inside surface of the dryer. This is one way that lint builds up inside a dryer, its a fire hazard but its not the only contributing factor, I'm getting to that.

Dryer fire.

This is just one example of a lint fire. This fire was small and contained. I see this all of the time! Its amazing that more houses don't go up in flames when you see stuff like this on a regular basis. Seriously, dryer maintanence is important but almost nobody even knows its required! Please check this stuff. A fire like this could easily lead to a whole house fire.

Ok, back to the airflow. After the air enters the dryer cabinet it is sucked into the burner. The burner is just a hollow tube about 12in long with a fairly large flame blowing down it. Well, it's actually being sucked down the tube by the negative airspace inside the drum. As the air enters the burner it is heated and sucked into the drum heating the clothes. Now, as the clothes tumble around and rub together inside the drum they create more lint. The air and lint go through the lint screen,into the blower and are blown out through the vent hose. So, you might ask,why do I need to clean my vent? Well, the lint screen catches some,but not all of the lint. The lint that makes it through settles in the vent,accumulating with every load. As that lint builds up it creates resistance in the venting. The more resistance there is the less air that can be pushed down it. That means less suction inside the drum. Less suction results in less air being pulled down the burner, wich causes the flame inside the burner to back up inside the dryer. This causes heat to build up near the motor,thermostats,bearings and gas valve, stressing these components. Remember all the lint accumulating inside your dryer? Yep, that stuff catches on fire pretty easy, and this is how it happens.

 Cleaning your vent annually and having the inside of the dryer serviced and vaced will prevent this from ever happening. Also, learn to recognize a sign of a possible vent clog, LONG DRY TIMES! Thats right, if your clothes start taking longer to dry chances are you could have a clogged vent, GET IT CHECKED!  So, now that you know, give us a call.            Thanks for reading,

                                                                                                Kirk Anderson

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